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My task was to create a logo design and brand identity for a newly opened local barbershop. The client had no idea what exactly he wanted, so I didn't ask for a design brief. On the other hand, he provided me with several logo ideas that he liked and that I could use as a reference.
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To be honest, I had a good idea of ​​the brand vision for most barbershops and salons, the case here was no different. This time, I also included the feel of the barbershop's interior, I wanted to know more about it, because after all the logo will physically appear there. After discussing the vision of the barbershop, we agreed that the logo should be modern and vintage.
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I decided to keep the old concept of the examples provided, keeping the elements but changing the color scheme and the curves. After a few scribbles which I don't want to show here, I directly started the design work. When I got the green light for the logo, I started the work on the business cards and the decision for the fonts and the colors. In the end, I believe that we came up with an amazing logo design and brand identity.
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business front
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